Afrofunk Music Festival 2006
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Prine Diabate


Prince Diabaté who has been called "The Jimmy Hendricks" of the Kora, comes from a distinguished Malinké griot family from Guinea, West Africa. He learned his art from his Father. A virtuoso since childhood, he is considered to be one of the most versatile and innovative kora players performing today, and is one of the leading kora masters of his generation

His collaborations have included artists and groups as diverse as The New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, Adam del Monte (Flamenco) Hassan Hakmoun (Gnawa) and Grammy winners Michael Brook (guitarist-producer-composer) and Ozomatli (Hip-Hop fusion.)

Moving easily between the classical traditions of Manden music and modern fusion, Prince Diabaté has incorporated reggae, rap and blues into his work punctuated by the occasional, funky use of the wah-wah pedal.


"The Guinean kora master, Prince Diabate, updates griot music for Westerners without diminishing its traditional power."
-The New Yorker Magazine

"Diabate has evolved into one of the most innovative West African artists... He weaves elements of rock and reggae into the fabric of his music and plays a wireless electroacoustic kora - with special effects supplied from distortion pedals."
-The Georgia Straight

"Diabate's masterful fusion of funk, reggae, Caribbean rhythms and the traditional sounds of his Malinke roots in Guinea, West Africa, make his some of the freshest, most danceable music going....Diabate's technical wizardry with the kora and his mastery of it are sorcerer-like."