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Dj Jeremiah and the Afrobeat Nation

SF Chrinicle Feature:


Since arriving in the Bay Area, Liberian native DJ Jeremiah has been making a commotion, both musically and politically. Jeremiah's experiences as a refugee inform his in-your-face lyrics, which are sung over a mix of hip-hop beats, jazz-inspired tunes, and funk music. - Flavorpill

DJ Jeremiah and his Afrobeat Nation, who provide live trumpet and percussion while Liberia-born DJ Jeremiah spins funk by the likes of James Brown as well as Afrobeat stars like Fela Kuti, infusing orchestral jazz and African tribal chants into the mix. - San Francisco Chronicle


As a boy growing up in Liberia, Jeremiah was a music fanatic. He loved to listen and dance to traditional and Afrobeat music blaring from local radios stations.

He learned early that music is supposed to make you feel good. With his passion for world music, Jeremiah has amassed a great collection of dance tunes that has kept the world music fans joyful and grooving — reminiscent of his childhood days.

DJ Jeremiah is a sought after Bay Area DJ and event promoter.


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