Afrofunk Music Festival 2006
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Sila & The Afrofunk Experience


Dj Cheb i Sabbah enjoys a worldwide reputation as a magician of the dance floor, from the crowded confines of New York’s Knitting Factory, to nightclubs in his adopted home, San Francisco, to the likes of L.A.’s massive Getty Center, with its capacity of 4500. On stage, he improvises his show using precomposed tracks and massive, projected visuals, interwoven and juxtaposed as the spirit moves him.
Sabbah believes in presenting his one-of-a-kind works to audiences in person, just as he did in Paris in the 60s, with a stack of 45s in front of him. As DJ culture evolved, Sabbah increasingly charted his own course, until the source material he wanted to work with simply couldn’t be found on vinyl.

The scratching, spinning and “beat matching” that define the modern DJ’s art are not part of his act at all, so Sabbah is used to having kids watching him pop CDs in and out of players and saying, "Man, this guy isn't doing anything.” But Sabbah has made countless converts along the way. During a recent performance at Seattle’s annual Bumbershoot Festival, he was pleased to notice “hip hop kids” recording the concert
with their cell phones. “At that point, it doesn't matter if you're spinning vinyl or not,” he says, “Because the beats are there.”


"San Francisco's top name in global beats returns with a North African sound-scape rooted in Algeria and Morocco. The lush vocals spread like luminous tendrils wrapped around a palate of superbly textured beats and pay homage to Cheb I Sabbah's homeland folk which he jacks into a 21-century musical matrix." – Relix

"…an absolutely untraditional foray into some very traditional-sounding music." – Orlando Weekly

"…provocative and boundary-busting" – Orange County Register

"frequently astonishing" – The Beat

"a deep, affecting musical journey." – Gazette (Montreal, QC)