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The nine members of Bayonics are locally bred, from San Francisco to Hercules, and have been steadily performing live in Northern California since their 2001 inception. Their multicultural makeup and sound are pure Bay Area, incorporating funk, salsa, and hip hop. Rapper Sr. Grizwald dictates the flow with a commanding presence, while vocalists Rojah and Junbug hit with the smooth soul harmonies to offset the horn and rhythm sections and booty-bumping bass lines. Fans of the East Bay's Loco Bloco dance ensemble and salsa band Mala Fama (where several members got their start), as well as those interested in exploring some of hip hop's important roots, will appreciate this contemporary mix. - SF Weekly

With its fusion of Latin music, hip hop and funk, Bayonics have gained a reputation for providing the perfect soundtrack for bumpin’ and grindin’ across the dance floor. The 10-piece band has roots in San Francisco’s Mission District, among other locales, and holds a monthly residence at the Elbo Room, along with regular gigs at other clubs throughout the Bay Area and U.S. -


Bayonics is a 10 piece live hip-hop group spiced with Latin flavor, funk, and reggae, combining live instruments and hot beats with melodic singing and rapping to create a soundscape that reflects the face of urban music and culture in the Bay Area and abroad. Bayonics has rocked the house and captured crowds at numerous venues from the West Coast to Miami, including Bay Area hot spots The Independent, Ruby Skye, Elbo Room, Cafe Du Nord and the Shattuck Down Low, Humboldt County's annual Mateel Summer Arts & Music Festival, L.A.'s Temple Bar, On the Rox, and Boardners of Hollywood, and popular Miami venues such as Jazid, Tobacco Road, and Transit Lounge.

Lead Vocals/MC: Jairo Vargas
MCs: Dreese & Pro
Bass: Bob Menacho
Drums: Pedro Gomez
Keys: Daren Grant
Guitar: Chris Carter
Saxophone/Synth: Adam Mori
Trumpet: Jodey Scott
Percussion/Sampler: Klean Kut


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