Afrofunk Music Festival 2006
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Sila & The Afrofunk Experience


Afrobeat has its origins in conflict. Using his thrilling musical hybrid of American soul, James Brown-style big-band funk, jazz, and the traditional West African pop genre Highlife to address and resist everything from colonialism to military violence, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who created the genre in the 1970s, became the voice for the poor, the oppressed, and the politically active across his native Nigeria, Africa, and the world. Kuti became such a dangerously powerful icon that at one point the Nigerian military junta sent 1,000 soldiers to attack his compound/studio.

Stateside, Afrobeat has become something of a sacred cow for college jazz bands and the jam band scene. In the political climate of recent years, the genre's history of searing social criticism and its massive, irresistibly danceable sound have revived interest in Afrobeat among activists and music hipsters. Afrobeat's reputation for inciting unrest has usually been taken up by a band, which works, as a united front, against injustice.


Winner of the 2005 SF Music Award for "Best World Music", ALBINO! has performed to capacity crowds up and down the West Coast and as far east as Chicago. ALBINO! is more than a band, ALBINO! is a community.


This Afrobeat band deserves the exclamation point following their name: they are not just Albino, but Albino!. Everything that they do and play is exaggerated, energized, and enthusiastic, deserving of said exclamation point. From dress to dance (and please, lets not forget the music) Albino! is on fire. The twelve piece band puts on one helluva good show that you can count on for some serious fun.. --THE OWL MAGAZINE