Afrofunk Music Festival 2006
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Sila & The Afrofunk Experience


Afro Beat Down: L.A.'s Premier Afrobeat Ensemble, delivers driving, raw, un-cut African Funk straight to your Nyash; making your body move and shake to the rhythms of Nigeria circa 1970. ABD's 10-15 members strong are inspired and dedicated to maintaining the Afrobeat musical tradition; the legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. ABD's message is fused in Power packed, Political, Polyrhythmic Consciousness focused on bringing people together to fight Oppression and enjoy a peaceful, light filled life.

"...Oppressors, Destroyers, masochists can never be great people. Creativity, not destruction, should be the yardstick of greatness. If you cannot create anything that will make your own life, or that of a fellow human, happier, then get out of the way. Split! Disappear! And give others a chance."



"...a totally professional ensemble playing Afrobeat purely for the love of the music....and they definitely honor the legendary Fela Kuti as they do it." —

"...Afrobeat Down's foremost desire is to bring Kuti's work and passion for the community to as many people as possible" — JOINTZ Magazine.